1Which political title gives its name to a variety of Courgette? President, Chancellor, Ambassador, PrinceAmbassador
2Which Spanish city is also the name of a well known type of Orange? Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, ValenciaSeville
3Which time of day gives its name to a variety of Courgette? Dusk, Midnight, Noon, MiddayMidnight
4Which two vitamins are most present in Broad Beans? B and C, A and C, C and D, A and BA and C
5Which two vitamins are most prevalent in a peach? C and D, A and B, B and C, D and EB and C
6Which berry contains a chemical that blocks pathogens and is said to ease tooth decay? Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, StrawberryCranberry
7Which type of fruit are known as Plantain? Pear, Kiwi, Apple, BananaBanana
8Which type of fruit grows in bunches known has hands? Grapes, Hops, Bananas, RedcurrantsBananas
9Which US State is also the name of a type of Cauliflower? Alaska, Maine, Washington, NevadaNevada
10Which vegetable has a variety known as the Autumn King? Carrot, Potato, Turnip, BroccoliCarrot
11Which vegetable has the Latin name Brassica Oleracea Capitata? Cabbage, Broccoli, Potato, CauliflowerCabbage
12Which vegetable has the Latin name Brassica Oleracea Botrytis? Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, TurnipCauliflower
13Which video game character is also the name of a type of Broccoli? Zelda, Pong, Mario, PacmanPacman
14Which vitamin is most prominent in a Swede? E, C, D, AC
15White Windsor is a variety of what? Broad Bean, Chicory, Green Bean, Runner BeanBroad Bean
16Worcester Pearmain is variety of which fruit? Apple, Plum, Orange, PearApple
17Zea Mays is the Latin name for…? Runner Bean, Sweetcorn, Rhubarb, SwedeSweetcorn
18Zefa Fino, Bronze and Green are all types of what? Figs, Garlic, Fennel, GrapesFennel
19Zinfandel is a type of which fruit? Grape, Pear, Peach, PlumGrape
20Zutano and Hass are varieties of which fruit? Avocado, Cherry, Coconut, AppleAvocado