1What nickname was given to Roy Orbison? The Big O, The Big R, The Big R O, O BigglesThe Big R
2What nickname was given to The Flamingos member Terry Johnson? Buzzy, Fuzzy, Duzzy, LuzzyBuzzy
3What nickname was often given to Jerry Lee Lewis? The Thriver, The Thriller, The Killer, The DiverThe Killer
4What record label signed Chuck Berry in 1955 and gave him his big break? Sun, Ludo, Draughts, ChessChess
5What was Elvis Preselys last number 1 of the 1950s? Its Now or Never, Wooden Heart, A Big Hunk O Love, Stuck on YouA Big Hunk O Love
6What was Frank Sinatra’s middle name? Edward, Albert, David, JulianAlbert
7What was the first name of Chuck Willis? Henry, Edward, Harold, GeorgeHarold
8What was the first name of LeVern Baker? Cleanthies, Dorothy, Cleo, DeloresDelores
9What was the first name of Mr Hudson, lead singer with The Spaniels? Pookie, Lookie, Hookie, SookiePookie
10What was the first Number 1 for The Platters? My Prayer, The Great Pretender, Only You, One in a MillionThe Great Pretender
11What was the middle name of Carl Perkins? Terry, Elvis, Lee, LiamLee
12What was the middle name of Elvis? Andrew, Aileen, Anthony, AaronAaron
13What was the name of Billy Haleys backing group? The Moons, The Comets, The Suns, The StarsThe Comets
14What was the name of Buddy Hollys backing band? The Crickets, The Locusts, The Spiders, The InsectsThe Crickets
15What was the name of Hank Ballads backing band? The Latercomers, The Night Owls, The Darks, The MidnightersThe Midnighters
16What was the name of Link Wrays backing band? The Linkettes, The Link Men, The Rayettes, The Ray MenThe Ray Men
17What was the real first name of Buddy Holly? Edward, Charles, Michael, DavidCharles
18What was the real first name of Jay Hawkins? Jimmy, Jandy, Jamie, JalacyJalacy
19What was the real middle name of Nat King Cole? Daniels, Adams, Andrews, StevensAdams
20What was the title of the first single released by Johnny Cash? Try Try Try, Cry Cry Cry, Bye Bye Bye, My My MyCry Cry Cry