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1What nationality was Paul Klee? French, Swiss, Dutch, Spanish
2What nationality was the Abstract Expressionist Terry Frost? Australian, French, English, American
3What nationality was the painter MC Esher? French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish
4What nationality was Walter Kandinsky? Spanish, Russian, French, German
5What part of his body did Van Gogh cut off? Ear, Finger, Toe, Nose
6What style of painting was undertake by Angnolo Brozino? Surrealist, Impressionist, Mannerist, Dadist
7What term best describes Georges Braque? Blue Rider, Dadist, Impressionist, Cubist
8What term is given to the balance of light and shade in a piece of work? Care Perdue, Fresco, Gouache, Chiaroscuro
9What term is given to the surface alteration of an image caused by age? Fresco, Chiaroscuro, Patina, Sgraffito
10What was Andy Warhol’s surname at birth? Warhole, Warholu, Warhola, Warholo
11What was depicted in MC Esher’s Upstairs/Downstairs work? Car, Garden, Phone mast, Building
12What was odd about the display of Matisse’s Le Bateau in the New York Museum of Modern Art? Back to front, A Fake, Stolen, Upside Down
13What was the first name of “Flight into Egypt” painter Bassano? Jacopo, Milano, James, Grindilo
14What was the first name of “The Bay” (1963) painter Mrs. Frankenthaler? Helen, Doreen, Claire, Louise
15What was the first name of famous Spanish Court Painter Goya? Francisco, Pablo, Claude, Charles
16What was the first name of Kandinsky? Wilbert, William, Wassily, Walter
17What was the first name of the “Province Town II” painter Mr. Kline? Bert, Jasper, Franz, Daniel
18What was the first name of the artist known as Botticelli? Pedro, Sandro, Pablo, Diego
19What was the first name of the Cubist Braque? Frederic, Pablo, Leonardo, Georges
20What was the first name of the Dadaist painter Hoch? Henry, Harry, Hannah, Harriet