1What appear when the Sun activates your melanocytes? Moles, Freckles, Wrinkles, HairsFreckles
2What are the muscles found at the front of your thighs known as? Quadriceps, Triceps, Biceps, PectoralsQuadriceps
3What are the wrist bones collectively known as? , Tarsals, Carpals, PhalangesCarpals
4What are your gingivae? Fingers, Teeth, Gums, LipsGums
5What can’t you stop moving if you have athetosis? Eyes, Legs, Fingers and toes, EarsFingers and toes
6What causes jaundice? Too much blood, Too much hair, Too much bile, Too much sweatToo much bile
7What colour are veins? Blue, Translucent, Black, RedTranslucent
8What colour is bilirubin, a major ingredient of bile? Blue, Black, Red, YellowYellow
9What colour is the fever transmitted by the mosquito? Black, Blue, Yellow, RedYellow
10What component is shared by hair, nails, and skin? Keratin, Glycogen, Melanin, BloodKeratin
11What condition is caused when the aqueous humour doesn’t drain properly? Diabetes, Longsightedness, Blindness, GlaucomaGlaucoma
12What disease did Los Angeles scientists discover in 1981? AIDS, Ebola, Malaria, TuberculosisAIDS
13What disease of the human body is often called the White Death? Tuberculosis, Jaundice, Yeelow Fever, AidsTuberculosis
14What do the lachrymal glands produce? Sweat, Tears, Hairs, BloodTears
15What does a bicephalous person have? Three feet, Two brains, Four legs, Six fingersTwo brains
16What does a phlebotomist specialise in? Diagnosing illnesses, Drawing blood, Syringing ears, Treating cancerDrawing blood
17What does a sphygmomanometer measure? Muscle growth, Foot size, Blood pressure, Hair lengthBlood pressure
18What does an analeptic drug do? Puts to sleep, Relieves pain, Reinvigorates, Cools downReinvigorates
19What does necrotising fasciitis attack? Bones, Brain, Skin, MusclesSkin
20What does necrotizing fasciitis attack? Blood Vessels, , Skin, IntestinesSkin