1When did Ceres become the first asteroid to be discovered? 1901, 2001, 1701, 18011801
2Where in the Solar System would you find The Sea of Islands? Earth, The Moon, The Sun, MarsThe Moon
3Where in the Solar Systems would you find the Sea of Tranquillity? Earth, Mars, The Moon, The SunThe Moon
4Which body in the solar system is named after the God of the Underworld? Saturn, Ceres, Jupiter, PlutoPluto
5Which body is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord? Ceres, Makemake, Eris, PlutoEris
6Which body is orbited by the moon called Kerberos? Ceres, Pluto, Saturn, JupiterPluto
7Which body is orbited by the moon Nix? Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, PlutoPluto
8Which body takes 248 earth years to orbit the sun? Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, CeresPluto
9Which body takes 6 earth days to rotate? Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, CeresPluto
10Which body was discovered in 1930? Pluto, Ganymede, Ceres, EuropaPluto
11Which dwarf planet was discovered in 2005 by Mike Brown? Ceres, Eris, Make make, PlutoEris
12Which gas forms the primary composition of Mars? Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon MonoxideCarbon Dioxide
13Which gas is the primary component of Jupiter? Lithium, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, HydrogenHydrogen
14Which is the coldest planet in the solar system in terms of average surface temperature? Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, JupiterUranus
15Which is the largest of the 4 “gas giant” planets? Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, SaturnJupiter
16Which is the largest of the Dwarf Planets? Ceres, Eris, Ganymede, PlutoEris
17Which is the largest of the terrestrial planets? Venus, Earth, Mercury, MarsEarth
18Which is the only known planet to support life? Mercury, Earth, Mars, VenusEarth
19Which is the only planet not named after a Roman god or goddess? Mars, Mercury, Earth, VenusEarth
20Which is the only planet whose name comes from Greek, rather than Roman, mythology? Uranus, Mars, Earth, MercuryUranus