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1Which Asian Country is home to Air Koryo? North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan
2Which Asian nation is home to the Garuda Airline? Pakistan, Indonesia, China, India
3Which Brazilian City is home to Gol Linhas Airlines? Rio, Flamingo, Sao Paulo, Brasilia
4Which Brazilian City is home to Tam Linhas Aereas? Brasilia, Rio, Sao Paulo, Flamingo
5Which city is home to Logan Airport? Boston, New York, Dallas, Chicago
6Which city is home to Mesa Airlines? New York, Phoenix, Atlanta, Boston
7Which city is home to US Airways? Boston, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix
8Which city is the base for Alitalia? Madrid, London, Pairs, Rome
9Which city is the home of Air Canada? Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal
10Which country does the airline Qantas come from? England, Australia, France, New Zealand
11Which country does the airline Transavia come from? France, Spain, Netherlands, England
12Which country is Arik Air based in? Sierra Leona, Morocco, Nigeria, Djibouti
13Which country is home to airline called Linjeflg? Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland
14Which country is home to B and H Airlines? Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Bhutan
15Which country is home to Caribbean Airlines? Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago
16Which country is home to Las Americas Airport? El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Congo, Cuba
17Which country is home to the Aeroflot airline? France, Poland, Belgium, Russia
18Which country is home to the NFD airline? Spain, France, Germany, Belgium
19Which European Country is home to Adria Airways? Estonia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia
20Which European Capital is home to Le Bourget Airport? Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Madrid