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1Repetition 19 is a famous fibreglass artwork by whom? Yves Klein, Amedeo Modigliani, Asrhile Gorky, Eva Hesse
2Robert Delaunay was the leader of which artistic movement? Futurism, Mannerism, Orphism, Pop Art
3Robert Rauschenberg hailed from which nation? Spain, Germany, France, USA
4Ruiz Y was the middle name of which painter? Paul Cezanne, Gustav Klimt, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet
5Running Man, The Woodcutter and The Aviator are all works by whom? Kazimir Malevich, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, Constantin Brancusi
6Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed is a work by whom? Edward Munch, Theo Van Doesburg, Lajos Kassak, Vladimir Tatlin
7Severinovich was the middle name of which prominent artist? Kazimir Malevich, Robert Rauschenberg, Constantin Brancusi, Francis Bacon
8Simultaneous Windows on the City was a key early work by Robert Delaunay in which movement? Orphism, Futurism, Pop Art, Mannerism
9Sonia Delaunay was born is which country? Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia
10The “Les Fauves” movement name translates as what? Wild Bears, Tame Deer, Beasts of the Dance, Wild Beats
11The 1927 work “Landscape in the Manner of Cezanne” was a key work by whom? Jeff Koons, Asrhile Gorky, Yves Klein, Roy Lichtenstein
12The 1994 Triptych “Three Studies for Figures at the Base of Crucifixion” was a breakthrough work by whom? Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Bacon
13The Annunciation is a famous work by whom (1914)? Edward Hughes, Gustav Klimt, Frank Cowper, John Waterhouse
14The Column of the Infinite is a famous 20th Century work by whom? Man Ray, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg, Constantin Brancusi
15The constructivist movement had its origins in which nation? Finland, Russia, Italy, England
16The Dance was a 1910 work by whom? Matisse, Hopper, Duchamp, Manet
17The Disquieting Muses is a work by which painter? De Chirico, Nitsch, Hirst, Holzer
18The Eye of Silence is a work by which artist? Fauve, Ernst, Magritte, Matisse
19The Fiddler is a famous work by which artist? Chagall, Manet, Monet, Hopper
20The Funeral (Dedicated to Oscar Panizza) is a work by whom? Joseph Beuys, George Grosz, Alexander Calder, Eva Hesse