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1Which part of the body is also called the Trachea? Arteries, Nerves, Blood Vessels, Windpipe
2Which part of the body is known as the Clavicle? Collarbone, Kneecap, Lower Arm, Upper Arm
3Which part of the body is most commonly bitten by insects? Hand, Nose, Head, Foot
4Which part of the body is the hallux? Big toe, Index finger, Thumb, Ear
5Which part of the body may be protected by the BS2724 British Standards label? Fingers, Eyes, Legs, Hair
6Which part of the body would be affected by myalgia? Bones, Blood, Muscles, Feet
7Which part of the brain regulates body temperature? Cerebral cortex, Pons, Hypothalamus, Cerebellum
8Which part of the hand is the pollex? Index finger, Thumb, Wrist, Little finger
9Which part of the human brain is the largest? Medulla, Pons, Cerebrum, Cerebellum
10Which part of the human digestive system shares its name with Costa Rica’s currency? Jejunum, Ileum, Colon, Duodenum
11Which part of the human eye provides colour? Cornea, Pupil, Iris, Retina
12Which part of your body is the metacarpus? Arm, Hand, Foot, Leg
13Which pigment is responsible for a tan’s brown colour? Carotene, , Melanin, Haemoglobin
14Which protein gives muscle its red colour? Insulin, Myoglobin, Haemoglobin, Glucagon
15Which syndrome ? causing tics and involuntary outbursts ? was named after a French neurologist? Graves’, Wassermann, Tourette’s, Alzheimer’s
16Which system allows a neuron to pass an electrical impulse to another cell? Synapse, Receptor, Colon, Syncope
17Which tiny projections remove mucus from the bronchial tubes? Appendix, Cilia, Jejuni, Bowman’s capsules
18Who discovered the functioning of the Adrenal gland? Dulpain, Lulpian, Vulpain, Culpain
19Who was responsible for major discoveries in Blood Circulation in 1628? David Bruce, Thomas Morgan, Joseph Lister, William Harvey
20William Harvey was most noted for his work in what field…? Brain Degeneration, Blood Circulation, Liver Functions, Reproduction