1Come on Over was a hit album for which singer in the 1990s? Paula Abdul, Mya, Monica, Shania TwainShania Twain
2Complete the title of the “Truly Madly Deeply” band – Savage…? Bush, Garden, Tree, DriveGarden
3Complete the title of the Grammy winning Seal song “Kiss from a….”? Love, Rose, God, SunRose
4Complete the name of the “Missing” band – “Everything but the….”? Love, Men, Girl, BoyGirl
5Complete the name of the 1990s Boy Band “… degrees”? 89, 19, 18, 9898
6Complete the name of the band which took “All Star” into the Top 20 of the US Chart – “Smash….”? Cheeks, Face, Mouth, TeethMouth
7Complete the title of the 1990 Grammy winning Phil Collins track “Another Day in….”? Paradise, Peace, Heaven, LoveParadise
8Complete the title of the 1990s band “Matchbox…”? 10, 30, 20, 4020
9Complete the title of the 1996 Celine Dion hit – “Falling into…”? You, Heaven, Me, LoveYou
10Complete the title of the Alanis Morissette Album “Jagged Little….”? Thrill, Pill, Kill, DrillPill
11Complete the title of the Christina Aguilera hit – “Genie in a …..”? Jar, Home, Bottle, HouseBottle
12Complete the title of the Elton John No.1 – “Candle in the…..”? Fire, Night, Dark, WindWind
13Complete the title of the James Ingram hit “I Don’t Have the…..”? Heart, Time, Soul, SenseHeart
14Complete the title of the Madonna Album “Ray of….”? Hope, Light, Sun, MusicLight
15Complete the title of the Madonna song “This Used to be my….”? Lover, Destiny, Life, PlaygroundPlayground
16Complete the title of the Meatloaf song “I Would Do Anything For….”? Fame, Love, You, MoneyLove
17Complete the title of the Waterboys track – “The Whole of the….”? Earth, World, Sun, MoonMoon
18Crooked Rain Crooked Rain was a 1990s album by which band? Radiohead, Coldplay, Pavement, PixiesPavement
19Culture Beat had a 1990s hit with Mr…? Small, Big, Vain, HugeVain
20Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy were the members of which 1990s duo? Kross Out, Kross Kris, Kris Kross, Kross OverKris Kross