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1Alberto Burri is probably best known for using which of the following materials in his works? Burlap Sack, Empty Cans, Plastic Bags, Sweet Papers
2Barnett Newman was what kind of artist? Futurist, Abstract Expressionist, Mannerist, Cubist
3Beautiful Inside My Head Forever was a 2 day auction of which artist’s work? Tracey Emin, Anthony Gormley, Jackson Pollock, Damien Hirst
4Bird in Space was a famous work by whom? Man Ray, Robert Rauschenberg, Constantin Brancusi, Francis Bacon
5Chaim Soutine was a painter of what nationality? Swedish, French, Dutch, English
6Chelsea Girls was a 1966 film by which artist? Hopper, Dali, Warhol, Wood
7Close Chuck shot to fame with the 1976 work entitled….? Betty, Samantha, Linda, Julie
8Complete the title of a famous 1923 work by Le Corbusier “Still life with many…..”? Noses, Eyes, Ears, Teeth
9Complete the title of a famous 1969 work by Jim Dine “Flo-Marker…”? Romance, Hearts, Love, Soul
10Complete the title of a famous Marcel Duchamp Work “Mona Lisa with a…”? Boys Nose, Glasses, Smile, Moustache
11Complete the title of a famous Max Ernst work “…_ in the Wilderness”? Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Kahn, Napoleon
12Complete the title of a famous Paul Klee work “Viaducts Breaks…”? Thanks, Dranks, Banks, Ranks
13Complete the title of a famous work by Brancusi “Bird in…”? Hand, Time, Earth, Space
14Complete the title of a famous work by Umberto Boccioni “Unique forms of continuity in a….”? Face, Race, Lace, Space
15Complete the title of a major work by Marcel Duchamp “… descending a staircase”? Naked, Nude, Live, Woman
16Complete the title of a notable Giorgio De Chirico work “The Mystery and Melancholy of a ….”? Avenue, Street, Drive, Park
17Complete the title of an influential work by Roy Lichtenstein “Drowning…”? Boy, Man, Girl, Dog
18Complete the title of the Bruce Nauman work “A Rose Has No….”? Nose, Eyes, Ears, Teeth
19Complete the title of the famous 1967 work by Barnett Newman “Voice of…”? Desire, Flames, Burning, Fire
20Complete the title of the famous Alberto Giacometti work “Three Men…”? Running, Jogging, Trying, Walking