1A comedo is a what? Blackhead, Finger, Tear, FreckleBlackhead
2A goitre is an inflammation of which gland? Thyroid, Sebaceous, Mammary, LachrymalThyroid
3A major anatomical textbook is known by which name? Gray’s, Smith’s, Edward’s, Cox’sGray’s
4A person lying flat on his back is said to be in what position? Prone, , Supine, AnatomicSupine
5According to Chinese acupunctural belief, which two letters represent any living thing? Si, Qi, Ki, FiQi
6According to research, the risk of heart attack is highest on which day? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, MondayMonday
7Acicular bones are located on what part of the human body? Leg, Chest, Ear, SkullLeg
8AID’s was first discovered in which year? 1981, 1901, 1941, 18711981
9Allopurinol is typically prescribed for which illness? Diabetes, Gout, Tuberculosis, EncephalitisGout
10An accumulation of bile pigment in the blood causes which skin disorder? Jaundice, Vitiligo, Eczema,Jaundice
11Anaemia is caused by a deficiency of what? Plasma, White blood cells, Tears, Red blood cellsRed blood cells
12Approximately how many litres of blood does the average human body contain? 7, 5, 3, 95
13Approximately how many metres long is the entire human digestive system? 13, 9, 7, 119
14Approximately one in how many men is colour-blind? 20, 12, 32, 4212
15Articulato Humeri is the latin name for which joint? Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, WristShoulder
16As well as being a branch of maths, what part of the body would be affected by calculus? Toes, Hair, Nose, TeethTeeth
17At Maturity, what is the estimated number of cells in the human body? 37.2 Trillon, 3 Million, 3 Billion, 300 Million37.2 Trillon
18Blepharitis is the inflammation of what? Fingers, Eyelids, Ears, ScalpEyelids
19By what name is Hansen’s disease better known? Diabetes mellitus, Malaria, Leprosy, AIDSLeprosy
20Calcareous bones are found in which part of the human body? Chest, Leg, Back, ArmLeg