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1In the book ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl, what is the number of the formula used to turn children into mice?
2What is the number of the ‘Sunset Strip’ in the 1950’s/60’s US television show which starred Efrem Zimbalist Jr?
3In the 1959 song by The Clovers, what number does the ‘Love Potion’ have?
4How many people are on the court in a korfball team?
5How old was English monarch Elizabeth I when she became queen?
6What number shirt did rugby player Jonny Wilkinson wear for England?
7How many American states begin with the letter M?
8Across the River Thames in London, how many road bridges lie between Tower Bridge and Waterloo Bridge?
9How much, in pounds sterling, did the ceramic poppies officially sell for, which were placed in the moat surrounding The Tower of London?
10How many terminals does Gatwick Airport have?
11How many stars are on the national flag of Singapore?
12How many pounds are in two long tons?
13How many tiers did the official wedding cake of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer have?
14In maths, an Icosagon has how many sides?
15How many legs does a dung beetle have?
16On 31st March 2014 what did the price of a first class postage stamp in the UK rise to?
17A Tetralogoy is a collection of how many books in a series?
18How many cards are dealt to each player in a game of Pitch?
19How many acres are in a square mile?
20A ‘Spoon’ is an antique name for which number wood golf club?