1Galilean, Keplerian, Newtonian and Conde are types of what instrument?Telescope
2Founded 1950, whose flag is a white compass rose/star in a circle on blue background?NATO
3What ancient rulers wore a double-crown symbolizing their joined upper and lower lands?Pharoahs
4What type of lens bends parallel rays inwards: convex or concave?Convex
5Mumps can spread, rarely, where in adult males, with permanent procreational effect?Testicles
6The arbalest/arblast is a medieval more powerful developed version of which weapon?Crossbow
7What mineral caused the founding of S Africa’s Johannesburg in 1886?Gold
8In the greeenhouse effect ultraviolet light is reradiated and absorbed as what invisible energy?Infrared
9What obscure metal element (Hf) is named from Latin for Copenhagen, where it was discovered?Hafnium (from Hafnia)
10The Cyclades are an eastern island group of which nation?Greece
11Which band headlined the opening/rebranding of the London Dome/O2, June 2007?Bon Jovi
12What the note is at the 12th fret of the 1st and 6th strings of a standard-tuned 6-string guitar?E
13What part of Manhattan is named after a Dutch city famous for its bulb trade?Harlem (after Haarlem)
14What chemical element (Cu) is named after Cyprus?Copper
15Insurgents of what nation took part in the Easter Rising of 1916?Ireland
16What Greek mythological horse sprang from the blood of Medusa?Pegasus
17What was disestablished as the state religion of Japan after WWII?Shinto
18A red giant star typically evolves when its central hydrogen has converted to what gas?Helium
19The French railway (train of great speed) abbreviation TGV mean what in French?Train a Grande Vitesse
20Refraction concerns a changed direction of sound, radiation, a river or a missile?radiation