1What does 3D stand for?Three-Dimensional
2In photography what does GIF stand for?Graphics Interchange Format
3In medicine what does TENS stand for?Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
4In technology what does WAN stand for?Wide-Area Network
5In driving what does POM stand for?Prepare-Observe-Move
6In teaching what does OFSTED stand for?Office For Standards in Education
7In policing what does TIB stand for?Telephone Investigation Bureau
8In the military what does BIM stand for?Ballistic Intercept Missile
9In banking what does CHAPS stand for?Clearing House Automated Payment System
10In British sport what does EGWA stand for?English Women’s Golf Association
11In cooking what does ‘oz’ stand for?Ounce
12In business what does CEO stand for?Chief Executive Officer
13In knitting what does YRN stand for?Yarn Round Needle
14In travelling what does ETA stand for?Estimated Time of Arrival
15What does the nautical term ARPA stand for?Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
16In texting what does HAND stand for?Have A Nice Day
17On eBay what does NIB stand for?New In Box
18In health and safety what does COSHH stand for?Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
19In dating what does LTR stand for?Long Term Relationship
20In house selling what does OIEO stand for?Offers In Excess Of