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quiz 1528 – airlines airports (QA)

1 The name of which Ocean follows “Cathay” in the name of a Hong Kong based airline? Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Australian Pacific
2 The New York Airport is named after which President? Lincoln, Clinton, JFK, Regan JFK
3 The phrase “The Natural Choice” appears on the logo of which airline? Air France, Air Canada, Air Ireland, Air Madagascar Air Madagascar
4 The state of which country own the Belavia airline? Belgium, Brazil, Belarus, Belize Belarus
5 Theodore Francis Green Airport can be found in which Us State? Rhode Island, Florida, New Mexico, California Rhode Island
6 Thomson Airways are based in which country? France, Germany, Canada, England England
7 TIA is the Airport Code for the Capital City of which European Country? Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania Albania
8 Timehri Airport is found where? Barbados, Guyana, Guinea, Bermuda Guyana
9 To the nearest Million, how many passengers used Tokyo Narita Airport in 2012? 32 Million, 130 Million, 302 Million, 3 Million 32 Million
10 To the nearest million how many total passengers passed through Boston Logan Airport in 2012? 29, 12, 55, 89 29
11 To the nearest million what was the total number of passengers who used Chicago O Hare Airport in 2012? 88, 77, 66, 55 66
12 Toncontin Airport is found in which South American country? Brazil, Ecuador, Belize, Honduras Honduras
13 Tortug Aur is based in which nation? Haiti, Mongolia, Burma, Nepal Haiti
14 Tower Air is an Airline from which nation? France, Spain, England, USA USA
15 Townsville Airport is located in which country? Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia Australia
16 Trivandrum Airport is located in which Asia country? China, Bangladesh, India, Japan India
17 Tullamarine Airport can be found in which Australian City? Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra Melbourne
18 U Michaeli Airport is located where? Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Iran Israel
19 Ulemiste Airport is found where? Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Bosnia Estonia
20 United Airlines is an airline from which nation? Argentina, USA, Mexico, Chile USA