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quiz 1491 – 50s music (QA)

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1 Complete the title of the 1956 smash hit from The Five Satins "In the still of the..."? Might, Fright, Night, Plight
2 Complete the title of the Big Joe Turner hit "The Chicken and The..."? Hawk, Dove, Bird, Egg
3 Complete the title of the famous Patti Page Hit "With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm...."? Dancing, Singing, Dreaming, Laughing
4 Complete the title of the Hank Ballad hit "Work With Me..."? Susie, Daisy, Annie, Mary
5 Complete the title of The Platters Number 1 "The Great..."? Man, Pretender, Lover, Magician
6 Crazy Arms was a breakthrough hit for whom? Billy Ward, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly
7 Cry Cry Cry was the first single released by whom? Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, Billy Ward
8 Cry was a number one hit for which act? Les Paul, Johnny Ray and The Four Lads, Mario Lanza, Patti Page
9 Delicado is perhaps the most known work of which singer? Percy Faith, Les Paul, Al Martino, Tony Bennet
10 Dexter Tisby was a member of which group? The Del Vikings, The Cadillacs, The Clowns, The Penguins
11 Diddy Wah Diddy was a 1956 hit for whom? Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins
12 Dion DeMucci joined and then renamed which band? The Cadillacs, The Chantels, The Clowns, The Belmonts
13 Dixied Fried and Boppin the Blues were hits for which act? Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins
14 Doc Pomus said Rock and Roll would never have happened without....? Bo Diddley, Hank Ballad, Big Joe Turner, Sam Cooke
15 Dreamine Blues, Deceiving Blues and Wille and the Hand Jive were all hits for whom? Hank Ballad, Sam Cooke, Johnny Otis, Bo Diddley
16 Duane Eddy was noted for playing which instrument? Piano, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone
17 Earl Caroll and Kirk Davies were members of which group? Fastoo, Closeoo, Speedoo, Uptooo
18 Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) is the most notable hit for...? The Del Vikings, The Clowns, The Penguins, The Cadillacs
19 Eddy Howard topped the charts in 1951 with which song? Pain, Mercy, Sin, Crying
20 Edward Anderson were the real middle names of which 1950s star? Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin