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quiz 1317 – general knowledge (QA)

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1 WI is the abbreviation for which US state?
2 What does the Latin phrase 'Vestis virum reddit' translate to in English?
3 Who wrote the 1869 novel 'War and Peace'?
4 In medicine, ptosis affects which part of the body?
5 What is the name of a small curve over a vowel which symbolises a short sound?
6 What type of creature is a dragonet?
7 The Cathar Castles are in which European country?
8 Which German statesman was known as The Iron Chancellor?
9 What is the official language of the Canadian province Quebec?
10 British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan was the leader of which political party?
11 In economics, what does PPP stand for?
12 Which US artist married Lee Krasner in 1945?
13 The Calcutta Cup is played for in Rugby union between which two nations?
14 Who played Gomez Addams in the 1993 film 'Addams Family Values'?
15 The Biskupin Open Air Museum is a life-size model of a prehistoric settlement in which European country?
16 'Stone walls do not a 'what' make' is a line from a poem by 17th Century poet Richard Lovelace?
17 How many pairs of ribs does a cat have?
18 BW is the international vehicle registration for which country?
19 In Judaism, what is the collective name for the ten people required to be present in order to for a communal religious service to be conducted?
20 The dish Kinchi (or Ginchi) is a traditional vegetable side-dish of which country?