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quiz 1215 – general knowledge (QA)

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1 Basement, Splash, Upstairs and Robin Hood are all terms used in which game?
2 Saleem Sinai is the chief protagonist and narrator in which 1980 novel by Salman Rushdie?
3 The Tom Robinson Band sang about what colour Cortina in 1978?
4 How many players in a team are on the field at one time in a game of shinty?
5 The Morganza Spillway (or Morganza Control Structure) is on the western bank of which US river?
6 In the nursery rhyme 'As I Was Going To St Ives' I met a man with how many wives?
7 Lindum Colonia was the Roman name for which English city?
8 In the Harry Potter series of book, what is the name of Hermione Granger's pet cat?
9 Which was the first spaceflight that landed the first humans on the moon in July 1969?
10 What is the Turkish national sport?
11 Boris Tadic became President of which European country in July 2004?
12 What are the first names of US film makers Coen brothers?
13 Which musical instrument does Jack Nicholson's character play in the 1970 film 'Five Easy Pieces'?
14 Which UK band released a 1971 album entitled 'Electric Warrior'?
15 The medical condition dactylitis is the inflammation of which part of the body?
16 Burgenland, Tyrol and Vorarlberg are all states in which European country?
17 Which vegetable is also known as the German Turnip?
18 Who was the first US President to serve three full terms in office?
19 In the Christian calendar, which day comes after Maundy Thursday?
20 'Dogs Playing -what' is a collection of paintings by which artist?