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quiz 1159 – general knowledge (QA)

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1 Which US singer released a 2000 album entitled 'Music'?
2 Omonia, Enosis and Anorthosis are football clubs in which European country?
3 What does a pluviometer measure?
4 Meadowhall Retail Park is in which English city?
5 Arbor, Bullet Sinker, Reaper and Wobbler are all terms used in which sport?
6 According to the proverb, what are you supposed to do 'before you leap'?
7 Which former English cricketer is known by the nickname 'Bumble'?
8 What does the Italian phrase 'Ti amo' translate to in English?
9 Felinology is the study of which animal?
10 Which Radio 2 DJ christened 'Dallas' character Lucy Ewing 'The Poison Dwarf'?
11 Who was the first poet to win a Pulitzer Prize posthumously?
12 What is the longest river in Canada?
13 'Unobtanium' is the fictional precious mineral mined in which 2009 film?
14 What was Spain's main unit of currency before the Euro?
15 How many cards are dealt to each player in a standard game of Gin Rummy?
16 Car batteries usually have what voltage?
17 What is the third event in a men's decathlon?
18 Which British politician first said ' To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war'?
19 Ionic, Doric, Tuscan and Corinthian are all types of which structure?
20 In World War II, what were the Maquis part of?
21 Which cartoon character is the official mascot of the Walt Disney company?
22 What is the surname of fictional character Batman's assistant/valet Alfred?
23 What is the US state capital of Alabama?
24 Which two colours make up the national flag of Austria?
25 The medical condition aerotitis affects which part of the human body?
26 Deborah Kerr plays governess Anna Leonowens in which 1956 film?
27 Tattenham Corner is a feature of which British race course?
28 In the International Morse Code, which letter of the alphabet is represented by one dash?
29 What is the raised ridge down the centre of a Backgammon board called?
30 On a clothing care label, what does a circle denote?