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quiz 1099 – general knowledge (QA)

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1 Which US documentary film maker made the 1988 film 'The Thin Blue Line', depicting the story of Randall Adams who was wrongly sentenced for murder?
2 Errol Barrow Day is celebrated in Barbados during which month of the year?
3 In Formula One Motor Racing, what does DRS stand for?
4 Dendrophilia is the love of what?
5 Which British TV chef co-founded a band called 'Scarlet Division' in 1989?
6 Which tax imposed in England in 1696 was repealed in 1851 after campaigners argued that it was a 'Tax on health' and a 'Tax on light and air'?
7 Which actress played the Red Queen in the 2010 film 'Alice in Wonderland'?
8 Which three colours make up the national flag of Bulgaria?
9 Who always holds the title of the Supreme Governor of the Church of England?
10 The Nigerian port of Lagos lies on which Gulf?
11 In which English county is the town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch?
12 Who played hitman Martin Q Blank in the 1997 film 'Grosse Pointe Blank'?
13 What is the outer part of a flower called which consists of the calyx and corolla?
14 In September 1936, the last captive Tasmanian 'what' died at Hobart Zoo in Tasmania?
15 In surfing, 'Men in Grey Suits' is another name for what?
16 John Ridd is the hero of which novel by R D Blackmore?
17 What is the nickname of the Beijing National Stadium?
18 Dina Ruiz married which Hollywood actor and director in March 1996?
19 How many players are on the field in a baseball team?
20 In January 1986 who did George Younger succeed as British Secretary of State for Defence?
21 An Aswang, or Asuwang, is a mythical vampire-like creature in the folklore of which Asian country?
22 Which Venetian artist painted 'The Stonemason's Yard'?
23 An Izba is a type of log house traditional to which country?
24 In the 2009 animated film 'Up' who is the voice of explorer Charles F Muntz?
25 Convalleria majalis is the Latin name for which flower?
26 Who was the 2003 winner of the UK tv show 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'?
27 Writer, poet and cartoonist Theodor Geisel is better known by what name for writing children's books?
28 Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are the enemies of which game character?
29 Jacob's Creek wine comes from which country?
30 Which Charles Dickens character has a pet dog called Bull's Eye?