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1To Fellini, which sold for $25 million, in 2008 is a work by whom? Jean Dupas, Edward Munch, Rene Magritte, Phillip Guston
2To which of these movements would you most associate Sonia Delaunay? Futurism, Mannerism, Pop Art, Orphism
3Twittering Machine is a famous work by which artist? Kazimir Malevich, Paul Klee, Martin Kippenberger, Constantin Brancusi
4Vladimir Tatlin began which movement in art? Futurism, Cubism, Constructivism, Mannerism
5Wassily Kandinsky was born in which city? Vienna, Paris, Rome, Moscow
6Whaam! Is a prominent 20th century work by whom? Jean-Michel Basquait, Henri Cartier Bresson, Pierre Bonnard, Roy Lichtenstein
7What “Expo” in Montreal was Barnett Newman’s “Voice of Fire” commissioned for? Expo 67, Epxo 22, Expo 44, Epxo 99
8What “School” did Phillip Guston belong to? New York School, Rome School, Washington School, Amsterdam School
9What animal features in Max Ernsts Celebes painting? Tiger, Giraffe, Lion, Elephant
10What animal was featured in the “Balloon” painting by Jeff Koons which reached $58.4 million at auction? Cat, Cow, Butterfly, Dog
11What animals mainly feature in Jean Dupas1925 work Les Perruches? Parrots, Mice, Dogs, Fish
12What city was home to Charles Rennie Mackintosh? Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, London
13What colour is the girls hair in the Lichtenstein work “Drowning Girl”? Black, Blue, Blonde, Red
14What colour is the middle strip in Barnett Newmans infamous “Voice of Fire”? Red, Blue, Grey, Black
15What colour was the “Shawl” in Modigliani’s famous painting of Jeanne Hebuterne? Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue
16What colour was the bed sheets in Roy Lichtenstein’s 1992 version of Bedroom at Arles? Red, Yellow, Black, Blue
17What field did Alexander Calder specialise in? Installations, Plastics, Sculpture, Painting
18What is featured in Roy Lichtenstein’s “Wham”? Tractors, Cars, Motorcycles, Airplanes
19What is the correct title of a famous 1999 Terry Frost work? Orchard Violins, Orchard Drums, Orchard Guitars, Orchard Tambourines
20What is the first name of “Twittering Machine” artist Klee? Paul, Simon, Greg, Peter