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1The Universal Ballet is one of only four ballet companies from which country? Italy, China, Australia, South Korea
2What name is given to the shoe worn by ballet dancers? Sole, Sylph, Heele, Pointe
3Under whose direction did the English ballet court reach its peak? John Napier, Inigo Jones, Henry Hudson, Francis Drake
4The mazurka is a dance from which country? France, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland
5In The Nutcracker, sweets from all over the world put on a show for Clara. Which of these is not one of them? Russian trepak, Danish marzipan, Spanish chocolate, Greek baklava
6What does the term ?fouette? mean (in ballet)? Danced, Fell, Melted, Whipped
7What does the term ?glissade? mean (in ballet)? Dance, Move, Fall, Glide
8Who composed La Sylphide, a romantic two-act ballet? Tchaikovsky, Napier, Dukas, Bournonville
9Which 1841 ballet was set to music by Adolphe Adam? Lakme, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Swan Lake
10On what day of the week did the premiere of Giselle take place (in ballet)? Sunday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday
11What name is given to the codified system of arm positions and movements (in ballet)? Port de bras, Port d’armes, Port des armes, Port des pointes
12Which city’s ballet company was founded in 1848 by Kirstein and Balanchine? New York City, Paris, London, Moscow
13In Giselle, what name is given to the women who dance men to death (in ballet)? Maidens, Wilis, Furies, Femmes
14The Ballet Russes was active throughout Europe from 1909 to which year? 1949, 1919, 1929, 1939
15What was the first name of the Polish ballet dancer Nijinsky? Jacek, Jakob, Vaslav, Vladimir
16In ?La Bayadere?, how does Nikiya die (in ballet)? She drowns, She is bitten by a snake, She is stabbed, She is poisoned
17?Kitri’s Act I? in Don Quixote features sixteen consecutive what (in ballet)? Grande jetes, Chaines, Pirouettes, Echappes
18How many dancers typically perform the ?Dance of the Little Swans? in Swan Lake? 4, 10, 6, 8
19Who is Princess Floriana’s partner in ?Sleeping Beauty? (in ballet)? Prince Desire, Florimund, The Wolf, The Bluebird
20In the ballet ?Coppelia?, who is Swanhilde? A villager, A swan, A doll, A fairy