1The second set of which rings on which planet were discovered by the Hubble telescope in 2003? Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, NeptuneUranus
2The Serpent Sea can be found where in our solar system? Mars, Earth, The Moon, The SunThe Moon
3The String of Pearls are a feature of which planet? Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, SaturnSaturn
4The Sumerians first mentioned the sighting of which planet in 3000BC? Mars, Venus, Mercury, SaturnMercury
5The sun travels at what speed? 2 km per second, 220km per second, 22000 km per second, 22222 km per second220km per second
6The term “Ice Giant” best refers to which of these planets? Mercury, Mars, Earth, UranusUranus
7The Term Hermian refers to which planet? Earth, Venus, Mars, MercuryMercury
8The Tropic of Capricorn is feature on which planet? Mercury, Earth, Venus, MarsEarth
9The Valles Marienris on Mars is what kind of feature? Canyon, Lake, Volcanoes, MountainCanyon
10The Verena 1 space mission was sent to which planet? Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, MarsVenus
11Titan is the largest moon of which planet? Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, SaturnSaturn
12Titanic is a moon that orbits which planet? Mars, Uranus, Earth, MercuryUranus
13Titania is the largest moon of which planet? Mercury, Mars, Earth, UranusUranus
14To which planet could you use the term Retrograde Rotation? Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, VenusVenus
15Triton is a moon of which planet? Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, NeptuneNeptune
16Umbreil is a moon that orbits which planet? Mercury, Earth, Uranus, MarsUranus
17Up to 12% of Jupiter is comprised of what gas? Lithium, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon DioxideHelium
18Urbain Le Verrier successfully predicted the existence of what in the 1840s? Pluto, Ceres, Jupiter, SaturnPluto
19Urbain Le Verrier was the discoverer of which planet? Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, JupiterNeptune
20Valles Marienris can be found on which planet? Mercury, Venus, Mars, EarthMars