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1Scottish footballer Kenny Dalglish played for which English club from 1977 to 1990?
2The late media proprietor Robert Maxwell became Member of Parliament for which UK constituency in 1964?
3Bigarade sauce is traditionally made using which fruit?
4Who wrote the 1898 book ‘The War of the Worlds’?
5Pernio is the Latin name for which medical complaint?
6How much, in pounds sterling, does the Best in Show Winner receive at the annual Crufts Dog Show?
7Traditionally a ‘coven’ traditionally refers to a meeting of how many witches?
8In the ‘Harry Potter’ series of books what is the American version of the game of Quidditch?
9Which European porcelain company introduced its black and white ‘Dazzle’ collection in 2013?
10Which Egyptian Pharoah was known as ‘The Boy King’?
11Corriedale is a breed of which animal?
12Winnipeg is the capital of which Canadian province?
13What is the first name of US actor Al Pacino?
14Which year in the 1970’s saw three popes?
15In the game of Bingo ‘Kelly’s Eye’ is the nickname for which number?
16In our solar system which is the 5th planet from the Sun?
17A gourami is what type of creature?
18Robert Stephen Rintoul was the founding editor of which British magazine, first published in 1928?
19In cooking, Senf is German for which condiment?
20What were the first names of the characters played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue in the Australian series ‘Neighbours’?