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quiz 1096 – general knowledge (QA)

1 ‘Homage to Catalonia’ was written by which British author?George Orwell
2Austrian-born Hermann Maier is a former world champion in which sport?Skiing
3In which year did Oliver Cromwell become Lord Protector?1653
4What does the Latin phrase ‘Ab hinc’ translate to in English?From here on
5Who played Will Hunting in the 1997 film ‘Good Will Hunting’?Matt Damon
6In the UK, in which year was the voting age for men and women lowered to 18?1969 – took effect in 1970
7In the UK television game show ‘The Exit List’, how many rooms are there altogether?26
8Who is recognised as Britain’s first Prime Minister?Robert Walpole
9Who won the Yashin Award for Best Goalkeeper in the 2006 FIFA World Cup?Gianluigi Buffon – Italy
10What was the name of the German artist who painted ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware’ in 1851?Emanuel Leutze
11Who played Blott in the 1985 British tv comedy series ‘Blott on the Landscape’?David Suchet
12Catherine of Braganza was said to have had all the flowers removed from which London park because her husband, Charles II, was picking them for his mistress?Green Park
13The 1987 film ‘Roxanne’ was adapted by actor Steve Martin from which Edmond Rostand play?Cyrano de Bergerac
14What is the capital of the Northern Cape Province in South Africa?Kimberley
15 ‘The River of Woe’ is the nickname of which Underworld river in Greek mythology?Acheron
16 ‘STENCH’, Society for the Total Extinction of Non-Conforming Humans, is in which ‘Carry On’ film?Carry On Spying
17The famous Cobblers Cove Hotel is on which Caribbean island?Barbados
18Who was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1980 to 1984?Pierre Trudeau
19What is the title of singer Beyonce’s album, released in June 2011?4
20Vaud, Ticino and Jura are cantons of which European country?Switzerland
21The ‘Speedmaster’, also known as the ‘Moonwatch’, is produced by which watch-making company?Omega
22Which Olympic event is Ben Ainslie famous for competing in?Sailing
23 ‘The Backgammon Players’ is a 17th Century painting by which Dutch artist?Dirck Hals
24The book entitled ‘The Fake’s Progress’ is about which infamous English art forger?Tom Keating
25What is the capital of Liberia?Monrovia
26In the human body, which bone connects the humerus with the calvicle?Scapula (shoulder blade)
27A ‘Slotback’ is a position in which sport?Gridiron (American) football
28Which actor starred opposite Claire Bloom in the 1952 film ‘Limelight’?Charlie Chaplin
29In the UK, what is the name of the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights which only go green again when no more pedestrians are detected on the crossing?Puffin Crossing
30The Cuatro Torres Business Area is in which European city?Madrid